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With its natural beauty, lush beaches and hedonistic atmosphere, Tenerife has proved to be one most popular island’s in the Canaries. Situated just off the North Africa coast, the eco-system has created a paradise for nature lovers and is home to some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in Europe. People tend to choose Tenerife holidays for the great weather, inviting beaches and warm seas. However the island offers much more to discover.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
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One of the most dramatic and moving daytrips anyone can do in Tenerife is a whale and dolphin spotting cruise, which is a truly memorable experience for all the family. Numerous companies offer whale tours on the island and the south-west of Tenerife is considered to be the best place to see them. There are up to twenty-one different species in the stretch of sea between La Gomera and Tenerife, they range from the iconic blue whale to the notorious killer whale, with the most prevalent species being pilot whales which reside in the sea off the south coast.

Tenerife is enormously fortunate to have the leading whale migration route on its doorstep, which allows the mammals to travel towards the nearby island of La Gomera. This is why the majority of the boating trips will leave from the south-west of the island and visitors staying at places like the Costa Adeje Gran are well placed to organise a trip. Although most large boat companies will provide coach trips from spots all over the island, so there will always be access to this most absorbing of nature trips.

Volcanic Scenery

Those who prefer to stay on foot when on holiday will have some wonderful opportunities to enjoy the island’s volcanic landscapes. One of the most rewarding methods of exploring the island is by car and travelling past the island’s volcanic peak is a unique experience. Mount Teide is the highest peak in Spain and rises to 3718 metres and provides Tenerife with perhaps its most iconic landmark. Teide National Park is a must visit with the landscape dominated by the old lava eruptions of the past two millenniums; the area was officially declared a World Heritage site in 2007. Some of the birds spotted at the national park include kestrels, chaffinches and canary birds, and there are up to 168 species of plant in this outstanding area of natural beauty.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 2
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by unukorno

While driving along the island’s scenic roads, a detour pass the Anaga Rural Park comes highly recommended. Visitors to the park will enjoy a magical forested paradise, which literally hasn’t changed for thousands of years and captures the raw primitive beauty of the island.

A world of Parrots

Another colourful place to visit is the Katandra Treetops nature reserve that resides inside Loro Parque. Situated on the pretty outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz, the parrot park is an oasis of colour and is home to some of Spain’s most beautiful birdlife.

Visitors arriving at the bird reserve can expect to see loris, cockatoos and parrots when walking along the tree top trails and jungle pathways of the bird reserve. Loro Parque isn’t just about birds, however, there are Flipper style dolphin shows and adorably cute penguins on display too. Offering a wonderful excursion for all the family.

A beautiful island home to some magnificent bird life, sea mammals and volcanic landscapes, Tenerife is a perfect destination for nature lovers. It’s almost like stepping back in time with the old lava flowing beneath the world’s surface. An otherworldly destination surrounded by a cocktail sea blooming with wildlife, if there is ever a time to invest in a digital camera then it’s a week before a holiday in Tenerife.

Written by D.Agnew, part of the travel writers team on the easyJet holidays website.

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