Top 5 items to include on a French Camping Holiday

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As British Summer time kicks in and the days get lighter and longer, many of us start to dream of more relaxing times and specifically of our summer holidays.

Camping in France
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Over 11 million British holiday makers head to France each year, with many of those packing a tent or towing a caravan to provide their accommodation for the week or two that they’re en France!

Whether you’re heading for the sun drenched beaches of the south of France, the rural charm of Provence or the wine filled vineyards of the Loire there are a few essential items that are important to include before you leave home.

  1. Spare wheel – make sure yours is legal and that you have the relevant jack and wrench – and the locking wheel nut tool if you have one. There’s only one thing worse than a flat tyre while you’re on holiday and that’s not having a spare!
  2. A Liber  t-tag.  Keep on trucking with a pre bought and registered French tolls t-tag. When all you want to do is get to your pitch, pop the tent up and start enjoying your holiday, the last thing you want to do is queue up with all the other non-French tourists at the Autoroute toll booths. Well now you don’t have to as – for the very first time – the Liber – t tag can be ordered and paid for in the UK, using your UK bank account and the good old British pound. Paying French tolls has never been quicker or easier.
  3. Sat Nav including French Maps – AND a map. Many of us have a Sat Nav for the UK and some of us just assume that it will carry on working whilst we’re aboard. But this is not the case, you need to get French mapping software and make sure you know how to use it before you go away. You also need a map – just in case the Sat Nav fails, gets stolen or suddenly decides you’re actually in Italy and not in France – it does happen!
  4. A good cooker and a kettle. We Brits don’t half like our tea and in my experience – the French don’t. So it’s essential for the good of all to be able to brew up whenever the mood takes us. From beside the road on a break from driving to every lovely, lazy and relaxed morning of the holiday – there’s nothing like a good cup of tea.
  5. A big cool box. No matter how precious you think the space is in your car, caravan, camper van etc. In our experience a nice big cool box is essential for keeping water and juice cold while you’re traveling and beer and wine chilled for when you get there and start unwinding.

As a regular traveller to France, Rachel Wheats makes use of Sanef Tollings Liber-t tag to take the hassle out of paying French tolls.

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