Lake Holidays in Europe

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There are so many different types of holidays to take when thinking about planning a trip to holiday, you might be after a relaxing beachside break or a cultural weekend break to the city, but one option most people often don’t even consider, is lake holidays! Here are five reasons your next trip around Europe should be to a lake destination.

Lago di Garda, Italy
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1. Cities and towns by lakes often have a rich cultural history supported by the presence of that lake.
If you really want to visit a place that has it all, and expansive lake with a thriving cultural presence, then Italy’s Lake Garda – the largest lake in the country – is the perfect location. It is located in Northern Italy, about halfway between Verona and Brescia, and is easily accessible from the north by the Brenner Pass. There are many different places to stay during a visit to Lake Garda. There are pricey exclusive resorts, as well as affordable family sized villas for rent. On this south side of Lake Garda lies the ancient Roman city of Sirmione. Here you can visit ancient spa complexes, and Scaliger castle which was built in the 13th century. Gardaland is a theme park that is popular among the locals and tourists alike.

2. Lakes support a wide variety of relaxing activities.
Visiting a lake means that you can take part in lots of different activities. Lakes are excellent places to take part in water sports, like kayaking, canoeing, or sailing. The Masuria region of Poland has over 1,000 lakes in the north western part of the country, and is an extremely popular destination for water sports. These are all glacial lakes, and while relatively deep, they are calm and therefore excellent places to take sailing lessons. There are many rivers and streams that connect these lakes, and these are great for paddling expeditions.

3. Lakes are perfect habitats for nature lovers.
Lakes are large areas of freshwater that attracts many different kinds of animals. Lake Ladoga, one of the largest lakes in the world, and the largest in Europe, also has a very large population of water birds. Freshwater fish are also very numerous, making this lake great for fishermen. This lake, that spans across both Russia and Finland, is perfect for birdwatchers and naturalists. Why not find a local car hire company, rent a car and head over to Lake Ladoga, ecologically a very special lake, and invites all kinds of explorations.

4. Cleaner, more beautiful water.
Lakes are often disregarded over coastal areas in favour of beaches and a beach scene, but savvy travellers know that some lake beaches are even more beautiful and relaxing. Lake Annecy of France is regarded as Europe’s cleanest lake, and also happens to be France’s second largest lake. It is the cleanest because of strict environmental regulations. Swimming, biking around the shore and water sports are the most popular activities here. A visit to France is not complete without a getaway to beautiful, scenic Lake Annecy.

5. Beautiful mountain lakes are a true getaway all year long.
Lakes can be situated in many different habitats, and mountain lakes are especially unique. The landscape surrounding mountain lakes are refreshing, with the forest covered peaks and valleys. Lake Geneva is one of the most popular destinations for lake holidays in Switzerland and Europe. It is the largest alpine lake in Europe, sitting at an elevation of 1,220 feet. Visiting mountain lakes means that even in the winter there are surrounding activities. At Lake Geneva, skiing, as well as mountain and lake scenery make it a great place to visit, even in the winter. In the summer, yachting on the lake and lounging on the shores are very popular.

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