5 Reasons You’ll Love the United Kingdom

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If you are planning for your next holiday, why not travel to England? The United Kingdom has long been considered one of the hottest tourist hotspots in the world. When visiting the UK, you will be amazed at the royal beauty of the city. Here are five reasons why you will love the UK:

Tower bridge, London, England, United Kingdom
Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

1. The Landscapes

The number one reason why people love the UK is because of its natural landscape. The UK has a diverse landscape consisting of mountains, forests, deserts, turquoise lakes, winding rivers and flower-rich fields. Here, you can enjoy sunbathing by the beach or taking a hiking trip deep into the mountains to explore the untouched natural environment there. Of course if city landscapes is more your scene then the UK has got that covered too, can you say London?

2. The People

Another thing that makes the UK stand out as one of the top tourist hotspots is its people. British people are very friendly and helpful. Although British people hold many traditional values, they are very open and friendly to visitors.

3. The Food

You will never run short of tasty dishes in the UK. England, Being a multinational community, has many food outlets and fine dining restaurants that serve traditional dishes from all countries around the world. Some famous cuisines originating from the UK include Scottish cuisine, Northern Irish cuisine, Welsh cuisine and Anglo-Indian cuisine not to mention British cuisine. You’ll be sure to find something that tickles your tastebuds during your time in the UK.

Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Benkid77

4. The Things See and Do

The Thames river is one of the hottest tourist attractions in the country. Couples may enjoy romantic evenings dining and overlooking the beautiful, serene Thames river from their cruise ships. Buckingham Palace and the House of Parliament are two other must-see places of interest for tourists visiting England. If you want to have an overview of London from above, you should visit the London Tower. This tower is also home to the London Tower Bridge, a very famous hanging bridge in England.

5. The Accommodation

When talking about hotels and accommodation, the UK is among the finest in the world. No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, you will find what you need in this country. Ranging from self-catering villas, rented apartments, small-budget inns to 5 star hotels, accommodation is not a problem in the UK, and you’ll be sure to find somewhere to stay that’s suitable to your budget and needs.

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