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Albufeira, known as the Gateway to the Algarve, is one of the premier getaway destinations in all of Europe.  Whether you are young adult looking for a fun party atmosphere, or you are looking for a great family holiday, Albufeira will truly be a memorable experience.  Let’s look at the five best ways to spend your trip to Albufeira.

Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal
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Sand and Sea

Albufeira features over 25 of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe.  The gorgeous sands and sea are set against a backdrop of beautiful, dramatic cliffs.  In addition to sunbathing and swimming, there is parasailing, kayaking, plenty of jet ski and boat rentals, boat tours to go out and enjoy the scenery and maybe even watch dolphins play, and several wonderful diving schools.  If you fancy, you can even book a trip on the “pirate ship” Leaozhino and enjoy a sailing experience like no other.

Cycling and Hiking

With challenging courses and trails, Albufeira is a great place for cyclists and hikers alike.  Nowhere else on Earth will you find trails like these combine with such beautiful scenery as your backdrop.  Enjoy mountain biking through the rocky terrain of the cliffs surrounding Albufeira, or take one of the guided bike tours throughout the old town for a unique sightseeing experience.


Albufeira features six world class golf courses to choose from, making it an excellent destination for a golf getaway.  Perfect your shot with the blue sea and old town villages as your backdrop.  If you are a less experienced golfer, lessons are offered by skilled and friendly pros.

Nightlife and Dining

Whether you are a young adult or just young at heart, Albufeira has an active and vibrant night life.  The strip is the main party street in Albufeira.  Lined with a multitude of bars, dance clubs, and restaurants, it is where you should seek out if you are looking for a lively and entertaining night out on the town.  It can actually be quite economical if you are looking to have drinks on a budget, as the proximity of one bar to the other allows you to bounce from happy hour to happy hour.

Whether on the strip or in Old Town, the dining in Albufeira is both delicious and affordable.  Don’t make the mistake of shying away from the street grills.  You will them to have delicious chicken and absolutely fabulous fresh fish.  If that just isn’t your cup of tea, there are a multitude of restaurants featuring everything from Chinese to Indian food, as well as some higher scale steak houses and some “posh” dining experiences as well.

Historic Sightseeing

Visit the winding cobblestone streets of Old Town and admire the Arabic style buildings and friendly people of the original town center, which still retains the essence of the village it has always been.  Visit museums, galleries, and castles as well.    One of Albufeira’s landmarks is the castle wall, the remains of one of the towers of the castle that crumbled to dust in the 1755 earthquake.  Another beautiful landmark to behold is the famous Clock Tower of Albufeira.  Adorned with an iron crown, the tower was built in the 19th century and rings out the hours dutifully.  It’s a must see for sightseers.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Albufeira regardless of your age and interests.  I strongly encourage you to give it a visit the next time you go on holiday.

Albufeira is an amazing holiday destination and what better place to stay than in Albufeira apartments?  Visit the Owner’s Direct website and take a look at some of the best the region has to offer.

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