Indulge Your Fascination For Sea Kayaking in Europe

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Europe is the ultimate destination when it comes to indulging your fascination for kayaking. The continent’s diverse and long coastlines have facilitated this wonderful outdoor water game to attract million of foreigners to come, visit and explore the serene beauty of the continent. The coasts of UK though rule the coastal scenario, yet there are a number of less-known kayaking destinations which can also be explored.

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Kayaking destinations of Europe

Here are some wonderful must-go kayaking destinations of Europe.

Anglesey and Brittany, United Kingdom

Apart from being known for providing wonderful kayaking experience to the travelers, they are also very famous for their wealth mouth-watering seafoods. You can reach there by car. Both of them are really incredible places to spend your vacation with your dearest and nearest ones in sheer tranquility.

Shetland, United Kingdom

This is one of the most popular kayaking destinations of Europe and preferred by the kayaking fans. The comfortable weather makes it possible for the kayaking lovers to treat their passion for kayaking at any time of the year. The place is naturally sculptured by exotic sea cliffs along with small calm beaches and quiet sea caves which occasionally get lightened by the sun beams.

Sardinia, Italy

Close to La Maddalena and Paula, this archipelago or group of islands is famous for its sea-worn granite landscape.

Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom

This is another archipelago favored by the kayaking fans for its soothing climate. An expedition to these serene islands can be done throughout the year.

Isles of Man, United Kingdom

Situated in the northern part of Irish Sea, the isles lie close to the famous British Isles. This is one of the most chosen kayaking destinations within an archipelago.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Norway’s Lofoten Islands are another archipelago loved by many travelers. Moving away from the closeness of British Islands, the archipelago of Lofoten is renowned for its mountainous landscape and inlets. Whether interested in kayaking or rock climbing, you can surely explore Lofoten Islands and pamper your interest.

The isles of Islay and Jura, United Kingdom

The isles of Islay and Jura are Scotland’s best kayaking destinations. The remote sea beaches of white sands have made the isles a romantic kayaking destination.

Shores of Croatia

The rugged Croatia shores are famous for offering sheer solitude. You can surely travel around steep and barely populated Croatia shores and enjoy the expedition. Dense pine woods, limestone cliffs and glorious view of Dubrovnik are the most preferred points of attractions of the shores of Croatia.

So what are you waiting for? Plan for an exclusive tour to explore the beauty of European shores this holiday and coddle your love for kayaking.

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