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Tuscany is undoubtedly one of the most famous regions of the world. However, some might not fully understand why so many are in love with this land. If you think Tuscany is just the last fad in the Travel business and cocktail parties, you should consider the following.

Pisa, Tuscany, Italy
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Interestingly, Tuscany has been en-vogue in England since the 16th century, when famous writers and artists discovered its rustic beauty and passionate way of living. So much that in the Eighteen hundreds the British community living in Florence was so numerous that the famous Florentine steak was actually an offspring conjugating the English passion for meat and the huge Chianina cow breed.

It was also during these years that the care for Tuscan homes started to become present even among Tuscans. However, it would only be during the 1970s that Italians really got the matter into their hands to deeply transform abandoned farming lands and their farmhouse into beautiful gardens surmounted by Tuscan villas.

While on one side new owners invested into these rural properties, on the other tourism development boomed, starting to offer a variety of services and options that made Tuscany ever more attractive. As a result, in Tuscany tourists can find some of the richest museums and galleries. The Uffizi in Florence should ring a bell, but it is just one of hundreds. Restaurant owners moved away from being tourist traps and started giving real value to visitors, making Tuscan cuisine famous worldwide.

Florence, Tuscany, Italy
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Speaking of food, when you visit Tuscany you have to dive into its great variety of genuine gourmet foods. Aged cheese with delicate preserves, cold cuts that melt in your mouth, crunchy bread to go with them, and wonderful Chianti and Brunello wines to wash them down. This is just a glimpse of all that awaits you during a visit in Tuscany.

The best way to enjoy the region is to stay in one of the many Tuscany villas that you can rent with other family members and friends. Just relax by the pool of your rental home, then take advantage of your location to discover the tasty culinary realities that lay near your vacation spot. Do not cram in one daytrip after another. Take your time to savor your stay, plan one or two outings per week to the places that interest you the most, cook a lot at home, and just do as the Tuscans do!

Matt lives in Tuscany and loves this land so dearly that he decided to start his own business to help travelers get the best Tuscan villas at the best price.

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