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Everyone loves being on holiday, whether it is a few days away at the British seaside or a more exotic trip overseas. What many of us dread however is the organisation and packing the luggage which is part and parcel of any holiday. Thinking carefully about what you take and how you transport it can make life a lot easier.

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You may think your black suitcase is highly distinctive, but when you’re standing at the luggage carousel with the other 300 people from your holiday flight, all of whom also have a black suitcase, it may suddenly seem a bit less identifiable. Personalise your luggage in a way which will let you spot it quickly on the luggage belt or when it comes off a coach with a brightly coloured ribbon tied around the handles, stickers or a luggage strap marked with your name or even a favourite football club. The more unusual the personalisation, the easier it will be to grab your bag quickly.

Labelling and Security

Statistics show that for every 1,000 passengers who fly, 3 arrive at their destination without their bags. 98% of this luggage is eventually reunited with its proper owners, and this process can be made quicker by attaching labels to each piece of luggage with your name and contact details such as mobile number or email address. It is never wise to pack expensive electrical items in your hold baggage; it is best to keep these items with you in the cabin of the plane.

Choice of Luggage

The type of luggage which you take will depend on the sort of trip. A Samsonite hard sided case is not the best choice for a month trekking in the Himalayas, and you may feel out of place at a very smart hotel with a battered old rucksack. For weekends away, something like The North Face Base Camp Duffel bag is light, portable and comes in a range of eye-catching colours. As The North Face Base Camp Duffel is relatively unusual, it will also be easy to pick out on the carousel.

Excess Baggage

When booking your tickets, check the regulations about baggage carefully. Although for many long haul trips the luggage limit may be as high as 30kg, on budget airlines passengers are subject to much stricter regulations about what they are allowed to check in, both in terms of size and weight. Some airlines such as BA have a flat rate of £40 for bags up to 10kg over the limit, whereas others such as Ryanair charge £20 per kilo for overweight bags. Weigh your bags before leaving for the airport to avoid any nasty surprises at check in.

Carry On Luggage

With the high rates for checked in luggage, it can be tempting to cram everything into the bag you take onto the plane with you. Airlines have a limit on the weight you can take onto the plane with you, and a heavy bag falling out of the overhead lockers can be dangerous. Budget airlines are strict about the size of cabin baggage, and anything over the limit will have to be checked in. Measure your bags against the dimensions quoted on the airline’s website to ensure you will be allowed to take your bag on the plane.

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