3 Reasons To Go On A Taxi Tour Of Belfast | Northern Ireland, UK

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Belfast is a legendary city: partly because of the troubles, but mostly because of its fine heritage, its infamous harbour and it’s even more illustrious offspring, and its buzzing nightlife. So if you are only there for a few days, what better way to see as much as possible than to take a taxi tour?

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
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A taxi tour? What’s that…I hear you say?

Well it is just as it sounds; instead of a walking tour, a boating tour or a bus tour, you can get in a special taxi and enjoy a personalised guided adventure around Belfast.

Here’s why this is a great option:

Lap of Luxury

When you get on a tour bus, your enjoyment could easily be destroyed by another passenger, or whole group of passengers being too loud or leaning across you or generally being obnoxious. With a private taxi tour you get to invite who you want on your tour and whole lot more leg room. Walking tours can be hard on the knees and boat tours can be troubling for your stomach so all in all you know what the best choice is.

Additionally, most taxi tours provide refreshments, comfy seats and even props in some cases; rope to feel when go to the rope factories, models of the ships when your glide up and down the harbours edge and some local music piped in just to set the mood.

No Fixed Route

One of the best things about having your own tour taxi is the fact that you don’t have to stick to any schedule or any fixed route. The vehicle is all yours for the duration and you can decide to drive around all day without stopping or pick and choose where you want to go on a whim. But you should be sure to check out the following:

  • Ulster Museum
  • Victoria Square
  • Harland & Wolff Shipbuilders
  • Titanic Belfast (new visitors centre)
  • CS Lewis Wardrobe

Or alternatively you could just drive from bar to bar ‘testing’ whiskeys. It’s totally up to you.

Own Driver

The final key thing that makes a taxi tour so special is that you get your own driver, who is ultra-knowledgeable about not only the best short cuts and local football news, but about all the history and culture that you are there to delve into and learn about.

So next time you visit Belfast, don’t book a big hot sweaty tour bus or a boat tour that might sink, think about a taxi tour instead.

Bryan Raymond is a Belfast taxi driver. You can find more about his taxi firm by visiting their website https://www.gransha-taxi.co.uk

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