A Visitor’s Guide to Hisingen Island, Sweden

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Hisingen Island is one of the many Swedish islands found off the coast of the mainland. It is the fourth largest island in the country and is part of the city of Gothenburg. This city is the second largest in Sweden and is home to over five hundred thousand residents, a large university, beautiful views of the sea and plenty of museums, galleries and cultural attractions. Whether you are planning to enjoy a vacation spent in nature or spend your time in the busier sections of Gothenburg, Hisingen Island is the ideal place to visit. Read on for information on some of the top attractions on the island, travel and accommodations.

Hisingen island, Sweden
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Göran (Kartläsarn)

Travelling and Getting Around

There are two international airports located in the vicinity of Hisingen Island. The larger of the two is Landvetter Airport, which offers international flights around the world and is a short thirty minute bus ride into the heart of the island. The second and significantly smaller airport is the Gothenburg City Airport. This airport primarily offers budget flights around Europe but is closer to the city centre than Landvetter. Although cars are certainly permitted in the area, they are far from necessary. Opt to use public transport in the form of buses, trams, trains and ferries for very reasonable prices instead.

Volvo Museum

The car maker Volvo is one of the most important and historically significant companies in all of Sweden. The company has recently opened an exciting museum on Hisingen Island that is a truly must visit destination for car and transport enthusiasts. You can view some of the earliest car models created by Volvo as well as try out simulators designed for learning how to drive the largest vehicles and trucks. Children will love the actual cars that they are allowed to steer and pretend to drive. Admission is 60 SEK for adults and 25 SEK for children. Discounts are available for groups and students attending together.

Ostindiefararen Götheborg

With so many harbours on Hisingen Island, it is clear to even a first time visitor that the region must have a significant maritime history. Perhaps what the area is best known for is the Ostindiefararen Götheborg, a ship built in the eighteenth century but sunk after a series of long voyages to China. Some twenty years ago private citizens built a replica of the ship and resumed the worldwide voyages. Today the eighteenth century replica is located at one of the larger harbours on Hisingen Island. Although the magnificent wooden ship does set sail for regional journeys on certain dates, visitors also have the opportunity to see the ship docked right in Hisingen and even step onboard to tour the vessel.

Ostindiefararen Götheborg, Sweden
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Karin Jonsson

Ramberget Hill

This landmark on Hisingen Island stands at a height of nearly three hundred feet above sea level and is the tallest spot in all of Gothenburg. The short walk up to Ramberget Hill winds through the beautiful public space of Keiller’s Park. This park is a popular hangout for university students and families who want to relax in the sunshine, enjoy street vendors and local foods or just chat with friends.

Accommodations on Hisingen Island

As a popular travel destination and home to a large university, there is no shortage of accommodation options in the area. Some holiday ideas might include staying in a private apartment in order to save money and get a feel for local life in the area. Of course, there are also some boutique hotels, international hotel chains and even some traditional guesthouses and inns. Those who want a truly luxurious holiday might consider Swedish villas on the island instead.

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