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Seville is a beautiful city in Andalucía, the South of Spain. It is home to the largest historical town centre of Europe and is re-known for the countless festivals held all year round. Seville is a great place whether you are looking for culture, history, music events or even private Spanish lessons abroad. You can easily enjoy a trip to Seville on your own and lose yourself in the various activities and curiosities this city has to offer.

EL Real Alcázar de Sevilla, Spain
EL Real Alcázar de Sevilla, Spain / Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Dani Armengol Garreta

Once you set a foot in Seville you will automatically fall in love with the general atmosphere, the beautiful surroundings and the astonishing architecture. The centre of town consists out of tiny cobblestoned paths surrounded by small housed with thick wooden doors that provide Seville with an authentic, rustic atmosphere. You will smell the sweet scent of orange blossom and jasmine everywhere. Leave your car at home and rent a bicycle instead to really soak up the relaxed and calm atmosphere of such a big city.


Andalucía is famous for its home cooked food including Solomillo en Ajo (braised pork), Huevos a la Flamenco (fried eggs with chorizo) and stuffed artichokes. For the best restaurants in town you should head to the Jewish quarter, Barrio de Santa Cruz. Walk to the Plaza Alfalfa for dining in the sun.


Visit the Royal Palace and be amazed by the beautiful architecture from the outside as well as the inside. On the outside you will clearly see the fusion of Spanish Christian gothic and Moorish Islamic design which will continue on the inside. Inside you will find mosaic tiled corridors, courtyards, arcaded walks and paradise-like gardens. Even if you usually don’t like to visit historical attractions, make an exception for EL Real Alcázar de Sevilla. This palace is more than a lesson in history, it is a place of inspiration.

The cathedral in Seville is supposedly the largest cathedral in whole of Europe and houses the remains of Christopher Columbus.

Cathedral in Seville, Spain
Cathedral in Seville, Spain / Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Frank Kovalchek

Another architectural beauty is the Museo de Bellas Artes. The exterior design of the museum of fine arts is one to admire but so are the exhibitions, installations and collections of the museum.  You will find anything from the 17th century up until now. It is also a great place to hide away from the harsh sun during summer.

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Attend a traditional flamenco show in one of the many theatres or open-air auditoriums and get seduced by the music, the dresses and the sound of castanets.  Visit one of the many great festivals known to Seville such as the Vela de Santa Ana. This annual festival is one of the greatest festivals of all summer and is held to honour Saint Anne. Festivities include plank walking contests, live music and the joy of good food and wine.

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