Be captivated on a Greek island Tour

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If there’s one vacation destination you should put on top of your list that would be the captivating Greece island tour. The Greek islands are known for its unspoilt beauty and glorious histories, amazing beaches and warm climate. More and more tourists are choosing it every year as their favourite holiday destination.

Rhodes, Greece
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Marjolein Knuit

Experiencing tours of Greek islands means priceless memories of sightseeing galore and beach relaxation. In these wonderful islands, one can get hold of the past and the present as they blend in a wonderful array of picturesque landscapes, historical fortresses and landmarks, and awesome beaches.

Here are the top destinations you can go when you are on a Greece island tour. Discover the many riches and glory of the ancient Greece. Add up the natural beauty of its nature and surroundings and you will never regret why you chose to tour Greek islands.

Go Around the Rhodes Town. No one would miss Greece’s capital as well as the financial and cultural centre of the islands, the Rhodes Town. It is interesting to stroll in this town because Greece is seen both from the past and the present. Many will learn a lot from historical landmarks in the Old Town and bask in the modern leisure activities in the New Town.

Visit the Glorious Past of the Old Town. Take pictures on the mighty medieval fortresses built from old centuries as well as discover the legacy of the Crusader Knights of St John in defending the islands. These are just a few of the things you can do while visiting the Old Town.

Be Mesmerized with Mandraki Harbor. This is the place where once stood an ancient wonder of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes. Today, two deer made of pure bronze can be seen on the tall columns overlooking the marina filled with boats, yachts and excursion boats. Tourists are attracted with its beautiful views as well as the remains of the historical landmarks such as century-old fortresses, palaces, and Turkish minarets.

Lindos, Greece
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Fiore Silvestro Barbato

Send a Postcard From The Historic Lindos. Medieval and architecture enthusiasts will definitely get hooked with the famous antiquity. Lindos is actually built around the foot of a steep rock rising more than a hundred meters. On top, tourists are offered with amazing landscape views of the town, bays and the best of coastline overlooking Aegean Sea from the ancient Acropolis.

Get a true beach experience in Skiathos. With the long strip of crystalline beaches, clearly transparent waters, green vegetation, sumptuous food, Skiathos is nevertheless the perfect choice to relax in a short period of time. The island is also an excellent haven for night-outs. With bars, restaurants and other activity centres operating at night, your time will surely not be wasted during your stay at Skiathos.

These are just a few of the sumptuous treats that you will experience while on Greece island tour. If you wish to be a part of them all, arrange a day tour upon your arrival. Visit the sights and landmarks, take a dip on their blue waters, choose a water sport to enjoy, enjoy the green scenery, give way to your gastronomic pleasures and discover the rich culture the whole day, but do not miss out the night scene after those activities. Your Greece experience would surely be a lifetime memory you wanted to remember.

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