The History of Beaumaris Castle | North Wales, UK

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Beaumaris Castle is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Wales with many visitors from St Davids Holiday Park in North Wales choosing it as their favourite local attraction.

Beaumaris Castle is a medieval stone structure built by King Edward I as part of his campaign against the Welsh to conquer north wales. Construction began in 1295, however it was never truly completed due to the conquest more or less being complete and Edward needing funds and resources to conquer Scotland. Nevertheless this stronghold is regarded by many of the most impressive of all the Edwardian castles due to its ingenious design.

Beaumaris Castle, North Wales, UK
Beaumaris Castle, North Wales, UK by Lyn Gateley

The design is concentric and includes effectively 4 lines of defence, cleverly placed arrow slits, water filled moat, murder holes over entrances and a gate next to the sea entrance and tidal dock which would allow boats to come right up to the castle while being secure.

This is truly an awesome sight to behold and really commands certain majesty, drawing many visitors every year to come and see this impressive stone structure. It is a part of the ‘iron ring’ of castles King Edward built to subdue Wales, and Beaumaris is the last and largest to be constructed.

The castle is currently under the care of Cadw, who made it available for the public to visit, there is a gift shop and public toilets for visitors and guided tours around the castle are available. Beaumaris Castle is a wonderful day out for all the family, indulge in the historical wonder of the massive stronghold, and explore its insides to you can appreciate the sheer effort and planning that went into it, then enjoy a picnic on one of the benches in the surrounding lush green park.

Beaumaris Castle has been called by some as the most impressive medieval castle in the UK so it is definitely worth a visit if you visiting or staying in North Wales.

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