5 Historic Wonders of Romania

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For lovers of history considering their next holiday destination, why not try a trip to Romania? This fascinating country will take you away from the well-worn European tourist trails and immerse you in the nation’s unique and awe-inspiring past.

From its literary tradition of vampire hunting to the modern scars of communism and the Cold War, Romania is a destination that prefers to wear its heritage on its sleeve. Here’s a look at some of the must-see attractions for anyone considering a Romanian adventure.

1. Biertan Fortified Church

The village of Biertan is home to one of the largest medieval strongholds in all of Transylvania. Venture through the picturesque vineyards and the quaint cobbled streets to discover the dramatic 15th century fortified church at the village centre.

It was considered an impressive stronghold in medieval times and it’s easy to see why, with towers, gates and three tiers of 35-foot-high defensive walls. Today it’s an awe-inspiring destination for history lovers, architecture connoisseurs and sightseers alike.

Biertan Fortified Church, Romania
Biertan Fortified Church, Romania by Otto Schemmel

2. Bran Castle

Few people can think of Romania’s heritage without mentioning Bram Stocker’s iconic legend, Dracula. Much of this story comes from the iconic architectural creation known as Bran Castle; formerly a Teutonic Knights stronghold with the edifice constructed atop a rock some 200ft high.

Interestingly the famed Irish author never visited Romania, yet for lovers of his iconic text, Bran Castle remains central to the plot. From 1920 to 1957 Bran served as a royal residence but today is a fascinating museum displaying art, furniture and weapons within 60 timbered rooms.

Bran Castle, Romania
Bran Castle, Romania by Florin73m

3. “Cetatea de Balta”

This fascinating mix of traditions and cultures makes it a must see location on any Transylvanian getaway. It’s also located a stone’s throw away from the beautiful village community of Cetatea de Balta, with stunning surrounding landscapes and a distinctive old-world charm.

Cetatea de Balta, Romania
Cetatea de Balta, Romania by Alina Musat

4. Corvinesti / Hunyad Castle

With imposing towers, spires and walls, the great Corvinesti Castle is a true showcase of gothic architecture and style. Built by the Anjou family on the site of a former Roman camp, the castle acted as a working fortress well in the mid-4th century before being transformed into the residence of Iancu de Hunedoara, a Transylvanian ruler.

Visitors should leave plenty of time to visit the fascinating Knights’ Hall, marvel at the drawbridge and explore the 50 rooms filled with authentic medieval art.

Corvinesti Castle, Romania
Corvinesti Castle, Romania by Todor Bozhinov

5. Rasnov Fortress

Situated in the scenic Carpathian Mountains, the Rasnov Fortress is a must-see attraction on any Romanian getaway. First built to ward off the invading Tartars, the Fortress has served for centuries as a place of refuge and relief for extended periods of time. It was also home to schools, chapels and outbuildings, making it a fascinating snapshot of Romanian village life.

Visitors can also learn more about the fortress’ fascinating military history, including its single surrender in 1612. In the last decade the old fortress has undergone a makeover and today functions as a museum with plenty of interesting artefacts.

Rasnov Fortress, Romania
Rasnov Fortress, Romania by L.Kenzel

Written by: Sheryl Lovenkrandz – a freelance blogger who loves to write about travel and accommodation.

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