Castle Hotels in Europe: Plan a Royal Trip for You

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While most of us dream of owning a castle the truth is many of us can afford to rent a room in a castle for a night or two. A few nights in a converted castle is like nothing else in this world, and if you’re looking for the perfect accommodation for you and your partner for a romantic getaway then a castle is the perfect place for you.

Europe has lots of castles that have been converted to serve as luxury accommodation, and we’ve handpicked some of the best castle hotels for your royal and romantic trip.


England is the home to a number of stunningly beautiful castles, and a number of them have been successfully converted into modern day accommodation.

Swinton Park – Masham

Swinton Park was once the home to the Cunliffe-Lister family. These days, however, it serves as a luxury castle hotel with 30 bedrooms for guests to choose from.

This beautiful English castle includes everything you would expect from a castle; long corridors, huge staircases, turrets and of course big beautiful bedrooms fit for a king.

Swinton park castle is the epitome of English country living and it’s easy to see why so many tourists choose to stay here. Prices for a room start around $260 a night, which is incredibly reasonable given the high quality of the accommodation.

Swinton Park Hotel, England
Swinton Park Hotel, England by Michael King

Amberley Castle – West Sussex

Amberley Castle is an incredibly old fashioned castle; however the accommodation is both modern and incredibly luxurious.

On the outside, Amberley Castle appears almost ancient. A dated portcullis guards the gateway; but be brave, step through and you’ll be greeted with incredible architecture and beautiful landscaped gardens.

Inside the castle hotel you’ll find 19 luxurious and lavish bedrooms that contain relaxing features such as whirlpool bathrooms and beautiful four poster beds. All of this luxury starts at $375 a night; which may seem expensive but the experience is worth every cent.

There are lots of other castles in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland that you may want to consider, including:

  • Ashford Castle – Ireland – Prices start from $488 per night
  • Ruthin Castle – Wales – Prices start from $107 per night
  • Fenton Tower – Scotland – Prices start from $244 per night
  • Balfour Castle – Scotland – Prices start from $320 per night

Amberley Castle, England
Amberley Castle, England by Steve Winton


Like the English, the French have a long and strong bond with their ancestral monarchy, and over the centuries a number of castles have been built throughout France.

Hôtel de la Cité – Carcassonne

The Hôtel de la Cité is a romantic castle hotel that serves Michelin-starred food accompanied with the finest wine.

This picturesque castle will have you feeling like royalty, and the castle now resides within the protected boundaries of the UNESCO heritage site.

During the day you can expect to share the grounds with tourists and daytrippers, but by night the grounds will be void of people, expect of course for you and your partner.

The Hôtel de la Cité offers some amazing views, and you can be sure that the experience of a stay at this castle hotel will be unforgettable. Prices start from $465 per night.

Hôtel de la Cité - Carcassonne, France
Hôtel de la Cité – Carcassonne, France by elPadawan

Château de Bagnols

Some people have a very visual expectation of a castle’s features, and when they visit a castle they expect the ‘whole hog’; a drawbridge with a moat, defensive towers and of course defensive arrow holes.

The Château de Bagnols is a French castle hotel that meets and even exceeds even the most picturesque perceptions of a castle. If you’re keen to avoid the contemporary design of modern hotels then you’ll fully appreciate the traditional and lavish décor of the Château de Bagnols.

Antiques and works of art are used to decorate the exquisite and luxurious 21 rooms and apartments, but these incredibly high standards come at a price, as rooms start from more than $500 per night.

Château de Bagnols, France
Château de Bagnols, France by Corona Mejora Tu Vida

If France doesn’t take your fancy, you can also visit baltictravelcompany to have nice view of castles in Eastern Europe. Also, last but not least some of the European castle hotels appealing to you and your partner:

  • Schlosshotel Igls – Austria – Prices start from $231 per night
  • Castel Porrona – Italy – Prices start from $193 per night
  • Burg Wernberg – Germany – Prices start from $257 per night

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