The Top 3 Most Enchanted Castles in Scotland

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Scotland has a completely unique history and is unlike any other country. Scotland’s history has been particularly influenced by the Roman Empire and many of its traditions and existing heritage still refers back to Scotland’s medieval period. It was in this period that many of Scotland’s castles were built and these buildings still significantly shape Scotland’s landscape today.

Castles have become a national emblem for Scotland and tourists flock from all around the world to discover the countries’ enchanted fortresses. If you’re considering exploring Scotland’s wonderful heritage you could make it that much more enchanted by enjoying a historic break in Scotland. Before you go, check out our 3 favourite castles located around Scotland.

Duart Castle

This castle is spectacularly located on a cliff top on the Isle of Mull overlooking Loch Linne, it has a wonderfully rich history dating back hundreds of years. It has been the home for the Maclean Clan for over 400 years and was used in many scenes of the movie Entrapment staring Catherine Zeta-Jones. The castle has been extended and historically restored over the past 100 years and is today looked after by Sir Lachlan Maclean. Visitors are able to enter the castle and explore its fascinating dungeons and state room.

Duart Castle, Scotland, UK
Duart Castle, Scotland, UK by Philippe Giabbanelli

Cawdor Castle

This romantic castle is located just 5 miles from Nairn and was constructed in the 15th century. The castle has a rather enchanted history as it is thought to have been built around a thorn tree which can still be seen today in the Castle’s dungeon. The Castle has a number of charming rooms including an extravagant drawing room and a tapestry bedroom. For those foodie fans, the castle’s original 19th century kitchen and antique cooking implements are still intact today! The castle also has beautiful grounds to explore and is the perfect castle for couples looking for a romantic stroll.

Cawdor castle, Scotland, UK
Cawdor castle, Scotland, UK by Mihael Grmek

Craigievar Castle

This fairytale-esque castle has been built in the famous baronial style that has long been associated with Scotland. This style of architecture dates back to the 16th century and is likened to medieval times. The castle is located in the Aberdeenshire’s countryside, around 20 miles from Inverurie. Its towers, turrets and cupolas are equated to many Disney fairytale castles, including the castles slightly pink colouring – this makes it an attractive location for families to visit! Children are often thoroughly entertained by the castle’s family portraits and parents can admire the beautiful Jacobean woodwork and antique furniture.

Craigievar Castle, Scotland, UK
Craigievar Castle, Scotland, UK by Nick Bramhall

Scotland has an endless array of enchanted castles to visit and most are happy to welcome visitors, some even let you stay the night! What are your favourite attractions in Scotland? Let us know in the comment section below.

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