5 Dog Friendly Beaches In And Around St. Ives, Cornwall

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For many people, pets are just like family. While parents are always eager to find safe, family-friendly attractions for their children, pet owners are often eager to find pet-friendly destinations outside of the home. If you traveling to St. Ives, you will definitely want to make the beach a priority. Thankfully, there are plenty of places where well-behaved dogs are welcome. Here are five of the best dog-friendly beaches in and around St. Ives.

St. Ives, Cornwall, England, UK
St. Ives, Cornwall, England, UK by waterborough

1. Clodgy Point Beach

This scenic beach is just a short walk down the coast from Porthmeor Beach, which does not allow dogs. At Clodgy Point Beach, however, dogs of all sizes are welcome throughout the year. In fact, they are allowed to explore the area on their own, and well-behaved dogs can go off their leads as long as owners are paying attention. Although Clodgy Point Beach is sometimes covered in pebbles, sand is exposed at low tide, which turns the beach into a perfect picnic spot by the cool water. There are occasionally surfers there, but most visitors are those looking for peace, quiet and seclusion away from the crowds.

2. Lambeth Walk Beach

This lovely dog-friendly beach is situated perfectly between Harbour Beach and Porthminster Beach, but it has none of the same regulations when it comes to pets. Dogs are a common sight at Lambeth Walk, and owners can enjoy the sandy shoreline, the lovely sunshine and the refreshing water during the summer or the winter.

3. Porthkidney Sands

You may have noticed by now that many of the dog-friendly beaches in St. Ives are small or only accessible at low tide, but Porthkidney Sands is one very big exception. The beach itself is more than one mile long, and it is incredibly wide. The sand is clean and white, and you can swim in the sea or hike over to the nearby dunes. If you have a dog who wants to get off their lead, run along the water and not feel restricted, this spacious and beautiful beach is the perfect spot.

4. Bamaluz Beach

This charming spot in St. Ives is sometimes called Secret Beach as it only appears during low tide. In the middle of the day, it gets lots of sunshine and is free from crowds. Bamaluz Beach is only accessible by foot via a set of steps next to the St Ives Museum. The area is perfect for dogs to roam on or off their leads throughout the year.

5. Hor Point Beach

Since reaching Hor Point Beach requires a longer walk along the coast from St. Ives, it is often deserted. This is perfect for pet owners who want seclusion and space for their dogs to explore the area. Hor Point can be rocky at times, but there is ample sand during all tides.

Keep in mind that many of the larger beaches in St. Ives are also dog-friendly during certain parts of the year. From November through Easter, dogs are typically welcome at most beaches in the area.

Abi lives in Cornwall. When she is not working, Abi can be found walking her two Labrador dogs along some of Cornwall’s most beautiful beaches or enjoying her stay in pet friendly cottages, The Cottage Boutique.

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