Emilia Romagna and Riviera Romagnola: the warm heart of Italy

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The better thing to describe the country you’re living is to observe it from a different prospective. Only after you go outside your Home Country you can discover its features and its greatness. This is what happens to Emilia Romagna and Romagna Riviera (better known as Riviera Romagnola) in Italy: every time someone gets back home from Romagna, in particular Italian people, he discovers what a great place it was.

Emilia-Romagna is in the Northern Italy, placed between Lombardy and Tuscany and one of its boundaries is the Adriatic Sea. This Italian region is one of the most developed regions of Italy from different points of view such as economic, cultural, gastronomic and touristic. It’s in Emilia-Romagna where famous Italian brands such as Barilla, Maserati, Ferrari or Ducati have their headquarters. It’s in this region where Parmigiano is produced and wine such as San Giovese is created to enjoy every dinner. Moreover Emilia-Romagna is the region where the playful Riviera Romagnola is.

Riviera Romagnola (Rimini), Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Riviera Romagnola (Rimini), Emilia-Romagna, Italy by

This coast is well known by Italian people for their weekend outdoors and as the perfect place to go if they want to have some fun. In fact here you can find many different coast cities one next to each other where the most famous are Rimini, Riccione, Bellaria-Igea Marina and Misano Adriatico. These cities offer a wide range of golden beaches, restaurants with typical dishes, events, good hotels and a lot of different options to live a wonderful holiday at every age following your passions.

Most of young people find in Riviera Romagnola the perfect place to take a holiday breakaway with sunbathing, nightlife in the most beautiful discotheques of Italy and a lot of live concerts for free in café or in public square. Sportive travelers can find the perfect place to visit the famous Imola and Misano circuits where celebrities such as Valentino Rossi trained and raced with their motorbikes. If they are not keen on motors they can benefit of wonderful bike itineraries to discover the green and characteristic backcountry and take the best photographs of Italy. Families can find in Riviera Romagnola a lot of services also on the beach to make the kids have fun in a safe place and parents have some relaxing hours in wellness centers or at the seaside.

Oltremare in Riccione, Italy
Oltremare in Riccione (theme park and dolphins arena), Italy by ItaliaABC

On the other side all the Italian food lovers can taste the best of Italian dishes such as Piadina, tortellini, lasagna and tagliatelle made by traditional Sfogline (women who prepare pasta in the most traditional and Emilian way). Never forget that great Italian chef started their career here in Romagna to learn how to do great pasta just from flour and water.

Plan your holiday in Riviera Romagnola it’s also really convenient: this region is well known by Italians for the great hospitality that people have and all the hotels have a certain look and feel that makes you always feel like you’re in a top venue but paying a smart price. For this reason, if you plan your vacation in Riviera you can also screen some three stars hotels because most of them have a good mix of services for all the family, a private access to the beach and a staff that can speak English, French and German without problem and make you feel like you’re home. People here also have the tradition to make you discover the best corners of their cities and the history of it helping you to plan a daily itinerary based on your needs and hobbies.

Talking about the cost of fun you will also discover that Riviera Romagnola is cheaper than other Italian cities because here the cultural nightlife is something that hosts sometimes include in holiday packages or take in consideration seriously. In fact in July all the Riviera Romagnola cities every year organize a big event called Notte Rosa (Pink night) that take place simultaneously on a weekend. It’s a big party where all the “guests” wear a pink accessory to be part of it and celebrate all night long attending free concerts in every corner of the cities and have fun in all the shops, café of the coast and watching fireworks.

Beach games Bellaria-Igea Marina, Italy
Beach games Bellaria-Igea Marina by Albino Di Lieto

In wintertime Riviera Romagnola is particularly warm and can offer a lot of good places to taste great Italian food, museum to visit and many other activities to play sport or have a cultural trip.

If you take a trip to Riviera Romagnola or Emilia-Romagna you will come back with great memories and the feeling you discovered an old friend you can’t wait to see again.

Valentina is an Italian weekend traveler who enjoys low cost trip all around Europe and take street photography of unique places. Recently she traveled to London in UK and Igea Marina in Italy.

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