Trogir – one of the best preserved European medieval places

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Another from UNESCO World Heritage sites, Trogir is about 30 kilometers away from Split. The town is a harbor as well as historic place that have been entitled as one of the best preserved European medieval places. There is a whole lot of stuff that you can enjoy in this walled town.

Main Square, Trogir, Croatia
Main Square, Trogir, Croatia by Hervé

Top sights to see in Trogir

Trogir old town is in fact an island that is connected to the mainland by one bridge and one foot bridge. Another one connects the nearby island of Čiovo.

St. Lovro Cathedral known simply as Trogir Cathedral is a dominant feature and the most important monument of Trogir. This beautiful building, built in Venetian style, really worth paying a visit. It will return you back to the 13th century, when its construction started. You will also have to stop (at least for a while) at the Central Square that offers a live and historical picture of this place.

Trogir Cathedral from the main square, Croatia
Trogir Cathedral from the main square by Hervé

Another on the list is St. Michael Bell tower. But the list does not stop here. Kamerlengo Fortress, St. Dominic Monastery, North Gate, The Church of St. Peter and Loggia-Doorway are also a few sites that fill your life with the unforgettable moments.

Then there is a town museum, Palace Cipiko, Church of St. Barbara, Vitturi Tower, Chapel of Ivan Orsini, Marmont’s monument and City Hall too.

Walking Tour

Why not take up a tour on your own? You can enjoy historic sites on the way and even do a lot of shopping if you wish to. You can walk around the whole town within 15 minutes as the island’s perimeter is just about 1 kilometer long. However if you wish to stroll through all its narrow streets hidden by the town walls, it can take a couple of hours.

Kamerlengo Fortress, Trogir, Croatia
Kamerlengo Fortress, Trogir by Hervé

Private tours

If you wish to, you can charter boats and yachts for some unforgettable moments in the beautiful Adriatic sea, around the medieval town of Trogir and the nearby small island of Čiovo.

Cooking Class

You can also join one day cooking class and learn some tips and tricks of Croatian cuisine. If you just want to try some local food there are many places to enjoy Italian or Croatian specialties. Furthermore, you can hit any café, bar or restaurant on the go and witness peaceful and leisure time.

Last but not the least are the beaches, lavender-covered islands as well as Roman ruins to take your breath away. There is something for everyone in this perl of Croatia.

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