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Our Company

Based in Ontario, Canada, Flighthub is Canada’s fastest growing online travel company. With over 20 years of history serving Canadian’s travel needs offline, we decided to take our expertise to the web and develop amazing software to improve every aspect of the travel process. We are a dedicated team of over 200 software engineers and travel specialists that work tirelessly to make Flighthub the best way to plan, book, and manage your travel plans.

Our Promises

  • Instant E-ticket delivery, no long waits for confirmation. You book it, you get it right away.
  • We will always deliver the cheapest possible price.
  • We will always show all-in pricing, no hidden fees, no extra charges.
  • Never wait on hold ever again, we believe when you call us, we should answer right away.
  • Beginning to end customer support. Before, during, or after your trip, we are here to help anytime you need us.

Our Technology

Exclusive to Flighthub, we developed an infrastructure that has direct access to all wholesalers, airlines and hotel suppliers in Canada. Our goal was to simplify the shopping and booking procedure by eliminating the need to visit many locations to compare prices. With Flighthub, we search every possible source of product and instead of bouncing you to another site to make your reservation, you can make your reservation directly with Flighthub.

Finding the Best Reseller Hosting Service Provider That Suits Your Needs

HostkeeperLooking for quality reseller hosting services is quite easy if you know the basic concept of reseller web hosting. It’s also essential that you have fundamental knowledge of certain other features of web hosting to help you decide which services to hire. Quality web-hosting providers are those dedicated to providing you with excellent options such among them packages that suit your needs and requirements at reasonable and fair price.

They are also capable of providing services for both windows and Linux platforms with a selection of control panels. And most importantly, credible, dependable and reliable services are able to provide exceptional customer care support, ensuring quick response time when the need arise.

Many premium reseller hosting services providers claim to be the best in the business and purport to be the epitome of credibility. Their servers are co-located at the best hosting data centers, with available 24/7 Sales and Technical support for the clients.

The best among them also have the most excellent and advanced solutions for every client needs. Their servers are configured to cater to heavy usage and efficient reseller hosting performance. Internet security issues are properly addressed and clients are assured that security protocols are heavily put in place and there is constant monitoring at all times. These commendable services providers offer features that include PHP, MySQL and HTML.

A good services provider offers discount options to clients. You can be entitled to up to 30% discount on certain prices for web hosting, exclusive of domain name registration. However, there are criteria to be met before you can avail of discount packages. If you meet the requirements, you become eligible to choose whatever package may suit your needs. Efficient service providers usually conduct extensive market research on popular web hosting packages, which can be very helpful, especially if you are uncertain as to how your package should be structured.

Other ways in which these programs work include fully featured hosting accounts with special rates. This could lead to more accounts; thus, more discounts. This just shows the wide range of benefits covered by reseller web hosting services, including private DNS and simple, effortless account management. The former provides the capability to use a brand name for customers, while the latter allows the liberty of activating, suspending and reactivating accounts with some specific tricks.

These reseller web hosting services providers can offer the best benefits and serve clients in the best way possible. When you seek quality reseller hosting services, bear in mind that excellence should be evident in the kind of services they offer and the manner by which such services are delivered.

Expatcareers small banner is the premier worldwide, all industry expatriate job site. They provide job seekers with direct and free access to vacancies and offer recruiters a unique opportunity to advertise these vacancies to the best, most forward-looking individuals within their industry. As they attract some of the highest caliber individuals within their industry who are not necessarily looking to relocate, recruiters and employers frequently use to advertise their managerial and executive positions, which are open to local candidates. was developed to address the genuine needs of employers and recruiters who required a single site to advertise managerial, executive and expatriate positions from all industries and locations within a single job search platform. Additionally, wished to assist applicants from all industries and countries with finding national and overseas positions.

They are not a Recruitment or Employment Agency. They do however showcase the best jobs across the globe on a central user-friendly careers website. They are dedicated to providing the best employment opportunities for professional and experienced expatriates or for those simply wishing to relocate within their home country or overseas. We also offer Career Services such as CV Writing, Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing and Career Mentoring. have ambitious plans for the future to ensure we continue to expand our services to meet the full scope of needs of international employers and expatriates across the globe. Significant time is devoted to researching expatriate resources to assist you with becoming an expatriate. They continue to advertise globally and expand their marketing campaigns to ensure they are the leader in expatriate job advertisements.

Why not commence advertising or applying for positions today?

Holiday in Vienna – Austria

Austria-trips is offering a special deal for Europeans that are eager to view Austria with their own eyes. What you’re worry about has been anticipated by Austria-trips hence their providing heaps of extra services like train and flights reservations, definitely guaranteeing you no worries throughout the trip. If you want to have a witness on events like “Ars Electronica Festival”, Mountain Art Photography Festival”, “International Ski Countdown”, then you should prepare your luggage and plan on a trip to Austria now.

Vienna hotels

Vienna sightseeing is considered as one of the fabulous things to do while staying in Austria. Vienna is conveniently located on the rail lines between Venice, Budapest, and Prague, the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe. It stands at the heart of Europe, smack on the intersection between the East and West. Viennese architecture tends toward the massive. You feel quite small walking the city center as monumental buildings brood over you, and many visitors have reported a coldness to Vienna that they can’t really put a finger on. But there is a warmth to Vienna as well. Coffee shops buzz with life, trams full of people clatter along, crisscrossing the city in abundance.
Linz, yet another amazing spot to visit in Austria. Near the castle, which is located on the same site as the old Roman fortress Lentia was once built — and also being the former seat of Friedrich the III — the oldest Austrian church is located: Sankt/Saint Martins church. It was built during early medieval Carolingian times. Other sights include ,St. Mary’s Cathedral (Mariendom), Roman Catholic, Brucknerhaus — the concert hall named after the composer Anton Bruckner, who was born in “Ansfelden”, a small town next to Linz.

Accommodation in Croatia

Accommodation in Croatia
Croatia is a country gifted with an incredibly varied landscape- rocky and Mediterranean along the stunning coast, rolling plains and hills to the northeast and densely wooded mountains in the centre. Such varied and largely unspoilt terrain means the country is the perfect choice for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages.

Croatia has eight National Parks, ten Nature Parks and two Nature Reserves, as well as over 400 other protected areas totalling approximately 10% of the country. Wolves, lynx, bears, boar and chamois can still be found in the wild mountains, while birds as varied as Griffon Vultures, Dalmatian Pelicans, Imperial Eagles, Great Bitterns, Purple Herons, Capercailles, Glossy Ibis and Eurasian Spoonbills inhabit the wetlands, rivers, hills and coastlines.

Perhaps the best way to get the most out of Croatia’s fantastic wildlife is to go on a driving holiday- it allows you to see more of the country and travel at your own pace, and also allows you to plan your trip exactly as you would want it. Car hire is simple and affordable same as private apartments in Croatia all over the Adriatic coast. Another option is of course to take your own car. The whole of Europe is now quite easily accessible. If an epic voyage is something for you, ensure you have valid car insurance for Europe. Co-operative insurance offer European breakdown cover as standard for as little as L52.00 per year.

A great example of Croatia’s areas of outstanding natural beauty is the Plitvice Lakes National Park. One of Croatia’s oldest parks is also one of its most beautiful sights. It is a series of 16 interlinked lakes, waterfalls and virgin forest. The lakes are renowned for their range of colours, which range from azure, to grey, to green and to blue. The lakes are formed by dams of travertine, which is deposited by an amazing process where moss, bacteria and algae absorb minerals from the waters, which then petrify. Plitvice is also a great place for birdwatchers, with 126 different species of birds having been recorded there. Everywhere you go in Croatia, from sea to mountains, you are surrounded by wildlife and nature at its best. – The European Hosting Authority

Managed VPS hosting Europe’s favorite hosting!

There are thousands of web hosting providers. Until now, you’ve probably found most of them offer similar services, similar promises. But now you’ve discovered the difference – a new way to do business. At EuroVPS we don’t just offer web hosting solutions: we put your business first, every time. That’s one difference. Here’s another four.

It’s not the incredible servers we host ourselves; it’s not the class-leading price; it’s the service we provide to our loyal customers that has made us Europe’s leading web hosting provider. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in every aspect of our business. We realize that support is really what matters the most in business today.

EuroVPS clients are the very best in their marketplace – and to exceed their expectations, we use the very best hardware. We’ve invested heavily in IBM and Dell enterprise class servers, packed with technology to ensure your web services operate at the highest levels, and are scalable and flexible to match your growing needs.

Since 2004 we’ve focused exclusively on building the best possible web hosting service for our customers. Most of EuroVPS’ staff are certified Microsoft and Linux network engineers, while some of our veteran technicians boast more than 20 years experience in designing and implementing Wide and Local area networks.

Whatever size of business, we can provide you with the solutions you need – for today, and for the future. From shared hosting plans to dedicated servers, reseller plans to VPS accounts, team EuroVPS guarantees secure, reliable, European hosting on some of the fastest servers in Europe.

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