Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve in Scotland, United Kingdom

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The fifth largest waterfalls in the UK can be found within the Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve in Scotland UK. The 60 meter tall waterfall plunges over the Moffat Water Valley from its source at Loch Skeen. There are several amazing viewing areas of the falls including along the slopes of nearby White Coomb.

Those who are adventurous enough can make their way up to the Loch Skeen. The picturesque views of the area surrounding the peaceful loch are worth the almost hour-long walk it takes to reach.

Grey Mare's Tail, Scotland, UK
Grey Mare’s Tail, Scotland, UK by Leon Pettit

Within the park, you will also find an earthwork fortress that dates back to the Iron Age. Known as Tail Burnt, the old fort was built upon a hill that has become known over the years as the Giant’s Grave.

If you are really up for an adventure, then you will need to bring your hiking boots because the trip up the side of White Coomb is a treacherous one. You may need to make your way through a herd of wild goats that live along the slopes of the hill. But the adventure is worth the effort as you stand over Tail Burn Gorge and simply admire the beauty that is the Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve.

Since not everyone is willing to take the long and tiring trek up to the top of White Coomb, there is a visitor’s center which comes complete with a CCTV system. From the center, you can watch over the nest of a Peregrine Falcon and even see the entire Tail Burn Gorge. Most of all is that the visitor center offers a state of the art interactive system that will help you to learn more about the nature preserve as well as its long and colorful past.

There’s a reason why so many people over the years have made their way to the Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve. The picturesque views of the valley, gorge and loch are definitely one of the biggest reasons to visit the area. Enjoying a peaceful day in the wilderness and a chance to become closer with Mother Nature is another popular reason that so many have visited the park to date.

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