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In Tuscany, Italy, you will find the area that is known simply as Chianti. Every year, countless people from all over the globe make their way to Chianti, one of the most well-known wine regions of Italy. Chianti extends across the Siena and Florence provinces and includes all of the cities as far to the west as Val d’Elsa and even includes Montepulciano, Arezzo and Pistoia.

When you see on a bottle of wine, a reference to Sienese Chianti then you know that the wine comes from province of Siena. At the same time Florentine Chianti comes from the province of Florence. However, all of them belong to the Chianti wine region.

Chianti, Italy
Chianti, Italy by H. Hoffmeister

The entire region features gently rolling hills that are covered in large vineyards, small olive groves and many countryside villages. The homes and villages throughout the countryside are all made of stone and bring to mind the many pictures that one sees of the wine regions of Italy. The region is so beautiful, that they have inspired postcards, photographs and calendars which are distributed throughout the world today.

Every year, the many vineyards throughout the Chianti region annual produce more than eight million cases of some of the finest wines in Italy. The region is known to produce the largest volume of wines that are available throughout Italy.

There are several popular destinations throughout the Chianti region to stay. From these you can join any number of guided tours throughout the countryside. You will be able to stop and visit some of the finest wineries in Italy and even be able to taste a glass or too as you go. While it is great to visit Rome, the crowds can just be too much. For a more restful Italian get-away, millions of people over the years have opted to visit the Chianti region instead.

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