Laurisilva forest on the island of Madeira | Portugal

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Laurisilva Forest Madeira Portugal

Laurisilva forest on the island of Madeira is a rest of formerly widespread laurel forest. It contains the largest surviving relict of the defunct laurisilva forest that was once widespread across Europe. This forest is considered the center of plant diversity where you can find numerous rare, relict and endemic species, like bryophytes, ferns or flowering plants. Laurisilva forest also has a very rich fauna. Endemic species include the Madeiran long-toed pigeon and some 66 species of vascular plants.

Laurisilva forest was classified by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage in 1999, and it is still the only natural UNESCO site in Portugal. Such a forest exists now only on the Atlantic Islands, forming the so called Biographical Region of Macaronesia – Madeira, Azores and Canaries Islands, however the most extensive laurisilva forests remain on the island of Madeira.

Close to the Laurisilva forest you can visit also Santana 12 km, Ponta Delgada 7 km, Machico 23 km, Pico Ruivo 5 km, Pico do Arieiro 8 km, Madeira 3.8 km, Fortaleza do Pico 15 km, Monte 14 km or Madeira Theme Park 11 km.

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  1. Funchal says:

    We love the Laurisilva forests of Madeira. Take a hike along the Levada dos Tornos and, although you are only a short bus journey from Funchal City Centre, you’ll soon find yourself in a delightful and peaceful wilderness with spectacular views.

    Another favourite of ours is the Marine Nature Reserve at Ponta do Garajau – just marvellous if you are into scuba diving.

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much Funchal for your great tips. Madeira seems to be really very nice place, hopefully once I get there! :) What is the sea temperature now in Madeira and when the tourist season starts there?

  2. Funchal says:

    The tourist season never really ends here in Madeira.

    The winter months are popular with the British, German and Scandinavian visitors – it’s warmer here at that time of year than Northern Europe.

    The spring months are particularly popular with the French.

    The summer months are popular with the Spanish and mainland Portugues – it’s cooler here during these months than for them back home.

    Generally, on the southern coastal plain – where most tourists come to – the temperature ranges from 15 Celcius in the winter to 30 Celcius in the summer. Naturally, summer months are much drier, although prolonged heavy rain is rare even in the winter months.

    The sea temperature is only really suitable for swimming during late June, July, August and early September. Although, if you are into scuba diving, the season is longer as wetsuits keep you a bit warmer.

    Madeira is rather low key and laid back, but if you like that type of holiday, I can highly recommend it.

    • admin says:

      Is there any regular boat service from Portugal that could take us to Madeira? Or it is already too far away and the only option is airplane?

  3. Funchal says:

    I’ve never done the journey by ferry. I believe Naviera Armas offers a service. You might get a quote on

    Once here, there is a daily ferry to Porto Santo if you want to visit our neighbouring island.

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