Bärenschützklamm – the most impressive and the best developed gorge in Styria, Austria

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Bärenschützklamm is a gorge located in Fischbacher Alps, near the town of Mixnitz, about 35 km from the capital of Styria – Graz. The brook, which flows through a gorge creates very nice waterfalls. On the top of the Bärenschützklamm, there is a mountain chalet where you can get some food and drinks.

Bärenschützklamm Steige, Austria
Bärenschützklamm Steige, Austria by Sonicccgraz

Bärenschützklamm, sometimes called also as Mixnitz Klamm according to the village Mixnitz at which the gorge is located, is really very beautiful natural gorge through which leads the tourist trail. The trail is located near the small town of Pernegg an der Mur. Bärenschützklamm offers a truly magnificent walk through the rocks by wooden walkways, stairs and ladders. Thanks to this wooden trail you can get into otherwise totally inaccessible places. You will see the beautiful waterfalls, rock overhangs and absolutely stunning natural gems, everywhere around you.

The hiking trail has been operating since 1901. In 1978 the gorge was declared as a natural protected monument. In 1997 there was a big storm that heavily damaged the trail but fortunately it was repaired within few years.

Bärenschützklamm by AndreasResch

The trail through Bärenschützklamm is only 5 kilometers long and you will pass the elevation of 350 meters (from 750 meters to 1100 meters). More experienced hikers can then continue climbing the mountain Hochlantsch (1722 meters above sea level). The valley is a part of the mountain Grazer Bergland.

The entrance to the valley is not for free. In 2010 it was € 3.50 per adult. But believe me, it’s really worth to visit this gorge, so beautiful and long pathway through such a beautiful countryside you can not find anywhere else!

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