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No one like to have the weather interfere with arrangements they’ve made for their vacation. Climate changes can disrupt several factors, including outdoor activities, transportation, moods, and worse, your immune system. Thus, it’s important to check out weather patterns in your anticipated destination via travel blogs and other reliable sources before you make a move. Doing an investigation beforehand can make a tremendous difference in your experience abroad.

Olhus d'Agua, Algarve, Portugal
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What to Expect in Algarve

There’s some places that encourage guests to visit at a specific time of the year to avoid uncomfortable weather conditions. Fortunately, that’s not the case in Algarve, Portugal. Tourists are welcome to spend time there year-round without having to worry about unbearable climate changes getting in the way of their fun. Although work schedules may need to be tweaked for those in the labor markets, retirees tend to prepare a vacation whenever it suits them. Also, tudents are typically fond of visiting on their own time, particularly those enrolled in online colleges that make it possible to submit assignments over the computer.

Overall, the weather in Algarve is ideal. Temperatures normally stay between 77 degrees to 95 degrees fahrenheit throughout most of the warmer months and typically never drops below freezing level (32 degrees fahrenheit) during the cooler months. In addition, it remains one of the most sunniest regions in the world and hardly gets rainfall. The area’s Meditteranean climate results in an influx of visitors flocking there during the holidays.

Weather by Season


Most people assume that every region experience drastic changes during the winter season. However, Algarve is among the few places that incurs very little alterations. From late November to February, temperatures are likely to fluctuate between 50 and 60 degrees fahrenheit. Occasionally, there tends to be more frosty weather, and rainfall is at its peak but the overall atmospheric condition is considered mild compared to other parts of Europe at this time. Those who want a fairly gentle winter and don’t mind some wet days will find this spot most suitable.


In the springtime, weather in the Algarve is extremely pleasant, especially for visitors who enjoy more sunshine accompanied by light breezes. March through May promises warmer temperatures that cool down during the evenings, particularly in areas near the ocean. Lovers of greenery and outdoor activities are urged to come during this time since plantlife is revived and the climate possess some coolness that makes it comfortable to engage in happenings that promote high energy and/or strenuous movement.


Those who are at their best in the sunshine will revel in Algarve’s climate between June and August. At this time, tourists can experience balmy conditions to seering heat. Normal  summer temperatures normally range from the mid 70′s to the mid 90′s, enabling people to cool off at one of Algarve’s many beaches. Be mindful of considerably dry atmospheres, as well as high levels of wind and sand that are blown in from the Sahara dessert.


Like the summer, autumn can remain fairly warm, especially in September and October. By November, the regions typically witnesses a dramatic cooldown with temperatures as low as 55 degrees. The weather becomes even colder as the sun goes down and night sets in, particularly in coastal areas. If you’re a fan of nature and attracted to the fall’s aesthetic quality, this is a good time to go on a few hikes or simply watch the leaves turn colors from the comfort of one Algarve’s many cheap hotels.

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